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About Michelle Krogsgaard

Who am I?
I am Curious - Driven - Motivated - a Self proclaimed Tech Junkie - Reality? perhaps not but nonetheless it is how I hope others see me!

I am dogged when I don't know something and stubborn until I have figured it out - this translates well to real estate. There are times that much research has to be done on parcels, easements, surveys, heirship, deeds, right of ways.... well you get the picture! But when my tenacity fails me, eXp Realty has a wonderful network of agents and partners that are always willing to jump in and help. This is one reason why I love eXp Realty so much and you will too!

I am a wife to the most incredible man on the planet and a mother to 3 amazing kids! I am very active in our children's schools and education and with 3 kids in middle school life is hectic but we love to help others and aspire to be better today than we were yesterday.

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